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Welcome to the A T Wessex website. The A T Wessex Region Marine is the most prominent Region within the National Body in terms of Affiliation. Our Region currently comprises of in excess of 50 Angling Clubs with its own Officers and Committee dedicated to promoting Sea Angling within our Area. The Angling Trust is the Governing Body that represents all angling in England.


The Angling Trust Wessex Region Marine is the first Region nationally to have the honour of being a member of Clubmark. The Wessex has a number of Qualified Coaches to be able to achieve this status, including Neil Wilson with Albion SFC, (the Club which was also famed as the first Affiliated Club in the Wessex Region to also realise this same status).

Information Updates

This area of the website is here to highlight the most recent and important information regarding our sport and in particular the A T Wessex region Marine. Information about conservation, Clubmark, Boat Jumble and other events and changes that are relevant to are A T Wessex members. Simply follow the links on the homepage for the full information on the subject.

Most Recent Articles

Wessex Boat Draw and Rules 2014

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in A T Latest News, A T Wessex, Featured | 0 comments

Wessex Boat Draw and Rules 2014

Copy-of-Boat-Draw-2014-1Boat Rules 2014

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Loni’s Angling Centre New Milton Hampshire

Posted by on May 31, 2014 in A T Latest News, Advertising Opportunities, Loni’s Angling Centre | 0 comments

Thanks to Loni’s Angling Centre New Milton Hampshire for advertising with the A T Wessex.

Loni’s Angling Centre, New Milton, Hampshire near the New Forest. Loni’s Angling Centre is ideally placed as the nearest fishing tackle shop to Hordle lakes, Sway Lakes and Orchard Lakes also many beaches such as Hurst Spit, Barton on Sea, Hordle Cliff, Highcliffe and Milford on Sea. We stock a large range of tackle for sea angling, coarse fishing, Carp and game fishing, as well as a wide range of baits including Carp Pellets, Frozen Boilies, Fresh Maggots, Locally Dug Ragworm, Frozen Seabaits and Live Peeler Crabs. Whatever type of fishing you do, we can help. Open 7 days a week from 7am with easy on street parking!


Loni's Hampshire's No.1 Fishing Tackle Shop

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Advertising Opportunities

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in A T Latest News, Advertising Opportunities | 0 comments

Advertising Opportunities, following our committee meeting last night it was decided to offer advertising spaces with links to Facebook, web posts and tweets to businesses relevant to our sport.

This is a trial to encourage links to small businesses in the angling industry, with positive feedback and increased visitors to our website and the interest shown in our new Facebook page we can now offer excellent publicity and great SEO potential for backlinks to your current website.

For more information please follow the link below:-

Contact the A T Wessex Via the link below for information about the website or advertising opportunities:-

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Notice A T Wessex AGM 21st March

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in A T Latest News, Featured, Notice A T Wessex AGM 21st March | 0 comments

Notice A T Wessex AGM 21st March wil be held at Elm Tree Public House Hightown, plaese see details below:-

The 45th Annual General Meeting of the Angling Trust, Wessex Region Marine will be held on Friday 21st March 2014, at the “Elm Tree” Public House, Hightown, Ringwood, Hants. BH24 3DY    Tel : 01425 472516      Start time 19-30hrs.

The presence of a representative from your club is respectfully requested.

Once the formal meeting has been completed, there will be time for general discussion, but the meeting will end at 22.00 hrs.

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Councillors vote against plan to bulldoze anglers clubhouse

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013 in A T Latest News, Councillors vote against plan to bulldoze anglers clubhouse, Featured | 0 comments

Councillors vote against plan to bulldoze anglers clubhouse, COUNCILLORS have voted against plans to demolish the harbourside clubhouse used by Weymouth Angling Society.

They recommended the club be offered a new 10-year lease for its Weymouth inner harbour site.

Anglers celebrated the outcome of the vote after the meeting but said the future of the club was not secure until a final decision was made at Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s management committee next month.

Supporters of the club told the council’s harbour management board at yesterday’s meeting the demolition plans were ‘appalling’.

Around 30 supporters of the society attended the meeting, with around seven people speaking against the recommended proposal that the club is refused a new lease when the current deal expires in March 2014.

Under the proposal, the club house would be bulldozed and the land on the Commercial Road site would be used as a public car park with 18 spaces.

Councillors voted four to one in favour of keeping the club on the site.

Billy Short, chairman of the society, told the meeting the club house was used by multiple charities and organisations, including the Blind Society, the MS Society and the RSPB.

He said the club users spent around £20,000 a year on the car park.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Short said the battle to secure the future of the club would continue.

He said: “The meeting couldn’t have gone much better.

“We had so much support from so many people.

“We now need to keep that going. We won’t rest until we have the new lease in black and white.

“The battle isn’t over yet.”

A legal notice served by lawyers acting for the club means the council has to make a decision on the lease by November 11.

Committee chairman Dominic Lonsdale branded the situation ‘a complete shambles’.

He said: “We find ourselves dancing to the tune of the lawyers because of the process created by the section 26 notice.

“It’s a complete knee jerk reaction forced on us by the angling club lawyers.”

Councillor Peter Chapman said the council wished to redevelop the site. He said: “The inner harbour has been flagged as a redevelopment site.

“Money does play an important part in our deliberations. It pays for the services the council has to provide.”

Councillors voted on committee member Cmdr Anthony Holt’s amendment.

He said: “This committee moves to reject the proposal before it to remove the lease of the angling club and instead moves that the angling club is invited to accept a further lease for a period of 10 years on terms similar to the existing terms of rent.”

A final decision will be made at the council’s next management committee meeting which is on November 5.

Club supporters address key meeting

ANDY Hutchings, chairman of the Weymouth Area Senior Forum, said its 750 members relied upon using the club house.

“I consider that if we would not be able to use the angling club the future of our forum would be in serious doubt.”

Weymouth and Portland Mayor Ray Banham said creating car park spaces on the site would be ‘a false economy’. He added: “To even bring this to committee is appalling.”

Article and image from the Dorset Echo

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Save Weymouth Angling Club from Eviction

Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in A T Latest News, A T Wessex, Save Weymouth Angling Club from Eviction | 0 comments

Save Weymouth Angling Club from Eviction Weymouth and Portland Borough Council has served Weymouth Angling Club with a notice to bring to an end the lease on its harbour side clubhouse – so that it can be demolished to make way for a car park.113 year old Weymouth Angling Club is one of the best in the country with over 400 members, including a thriving 70-strong junior section, and has been based on the site for nearly forty years.The Angling Trust has offered to support the club in its battle with the Council and has issued an appeal to all anglers to contact local Weymouth Councillors before a crucial vote at 10am on Monday 21 October.  Details of all Councillors can be found on the Council Web Site HERE.The highest priority councillors are the four representing wards in Weymouth, as well as Ray Banham, the Liberal Democrat Mayor (see below for more details).All the members of the club are furious about the proposals and frightened for the future of their club if the Council decides to demolish their club house to make space for more cars.  They point out that there are plenty of parking spaces available in the nearby Pavilion car park, and there is a park and ride scheme in operation in the town.

Weymouth Angling Club Chairman Billy Short said: “This clubhouse is of vital importance not only to our members, but also to the economy of Weymouth, because angling visits generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in income for the town.  People come from all over the country to fish in and around Weymouth.  To lose it for a few more car parking spaces is tragic, after nearly 40 years of us operating from this site.  We are determined to fight this all the way.”

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “These proposals have sickened anglers throughout the country.  Weymouth is one of the most important ports for sea angling in the whole of the UK, and just last week hosted the Angling Trust’s National Boat Championships.  The Council should be celebrating the fact that it has a thriving community club in the heart of the town providing sustainable and wholesome activity for young people that teaches them about the sea, gets them into the great outdoors and encourages healthy eating.  Instead they want to knock down 40 years of angling heritage and destroy a 113 year old angling club, just to create a few extra car parking spaces.”

The Angling Trust will be attending the meeting to support Weymouth Angling Club.


List of Councillors
Jane Hall, Weymouth East, Conservative
John Birtwistle, Weymouth East, Liberal Democrat
Dominic Lonsdale, Weymouth West, Conservative
Richard Kosior, Weymouth West, Conservative
Colin Huckle, Weymouth West, Labour
Contact them via this web page: as soon as possible before the deadline of 10am on Monday morning, and let them know what you think about the proposals.


Please forward this e-mail to every angler you know by clicking this link: 

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The Angling Trust is the unified representative body that fights to protect fish and fishing on behalf of all anglers, supported by its membership of clubs, fisheries, tackle shops and individuals.  

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