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Saturday 13th June the 2015 AT Wessex Region Boat Championship was held out of Poole. After registration and a bit of breakfast to set people up for the day in JD Wetherspoon, it was the short walk to the marina to load the 4 boats.

The weather was a bit more wind than forecast so not really suitable for the offshore banks but with the wind from the west it was fishable just around the coast between Old Harry Rocks and Swanage Bay.

Most boats tried 4 or 5 marks through the day with varying results and varying sizes of fish. Bream for instance little 8 ounce ones then some very nice good scrappers up to 2 pound. Other species were ballan wrasse, mackerel, dogfish, smoothound, Rays (mainly undulate), pollack, pout, gurnard, 1 whiting and 1 dab, 3 bass and 2 scad. All fish were returned to the water after being marked on score sheet.

Once back in port it was up to the Mariner club in Poole where over light refreshment and a buffet the day was discussed as to where many of us went wrong and what could and should have been.

The presentation then took place with Mr Kim Bowden as compare reading the results and The AT Wessex President Mr Ray Ashby presenting the prizes and congratulating the anglers on their achievements.

Once all results were calculated the position on the day was decided on boat percentage then fish points. Which meant the top 4 were the 4 boat winners all on 100% and it could not have been any closer on count back. First and winning the £200 first prize was Gillon Thomson with 130 points, second just 1 point behind Ray Barron with 129 points, in third 1 point behind that was Dick Prosser with 128 points then Colin Searles with 124 points. So if anyone from second to fourth caught one more fish they could have been in the winning position. The top 4 all had cash awards and from fifth down to almost half the entrants got to select from the prize table as provided by AT Wessex and donations from the participating anglers. Those who donated a prize were entered into a draw with that ticket holder receiving £25.

This Championship incorporates the Wessex Region Club Champion and this was the same two that were top in the main Championship with Gillon Thomson taking the winner’s trophy with Ray Barron the runner up both representing IBAC, the Individual Boat Angling Club.

This was obviously Gill’s lucky day as his was the first ticket out in the raffle where he selected the cash prize of £50 which left the rest to choose their prize from the mix of wine and fishing tackle on the table.

There was also an optional pool, £5 entry, and all money to the Angler with the most species. This was shared between Dick Prosser and Perry Dack who both had 8 species apiece.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Skippers of “Boney M”, “Strongbow 2”, “Piscary” and “Random Harvest”, all who tried their best to find the fish in challenging conditions. The top boat on the day was Matt Rowe of Piscary with an average competitor score of 93 points, he received a plaque that said Top Boat in the 2015 Wessex Championship. This was not a complete surprise as Matt was also top boat just a week before in the Poole Species Championship.

Mr Kim Bowden then concluded this the Angling Trust Wessex Region 2015 Boat Championship by thanking the Skippers and all for taking part, as without the anglers the competition would not exist. Kim went on to wish everyone a good fish filled year and a safe drive home and hoped to see them at the event next year, date and venue yet to be arranged.

Mr Ray Ashby finished off by thanking Kim for organising this Championship and again thanked the skippers, who gave us a good day on the water and without them it would not happen.

Report by Kim Bowden

2015 Boat Championship Results

Boat Championship pic 2015

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