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Angling Trust Wessex Region Marine


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Saturday 26th July and the 35 anglers aboard 4 boats departed from Langstone Harbour just before 0-800 hrs for the 2014 AT Wessex Boat Championship. Ideal conditions afloat with light winds and dry hot sunny weather, but how would the fishing be?

All the boats started on a rocky bank targeting Bream and Wrasse. Bream made an early showing but also many Smoothound to the small baits and light rigs. Of surprise and certainly good that there were no size limits, Martin Bobbett opened his day with one of the smallest conger eels that most on the boat had ever seen, max weight of half a pound, he did follow it later with a more respectable conger of about 10 pounds, good points and the only 2 congers seen on Predator.

A move offshore for Smoothound proved a struggle with only a couple being caught plus a few dogfish so most boats moved back in shore on broken ground where more Bream were had and some Wrasse with one or two of other species being caught.

List of species caught between each boat included Bream, Conger Eel, Dogfish, Mackerel, Pollock, Pouting, Scad, Undulate & Thornback Rays, Smoothound, and Wrasse.

After the fishing it was to Eastney Cruising Association club house where a beer could be had while waiting for the presentation and time for a chance to chat about the day and what could have been and should have been caught.

With all scores sorted all boats were very close but Laurie New, skipper of Predator, came out on top with an average score of 77.28 and was awarded a plaque for Top Boat for the Championship.

The optional pool for most species was won by Steve Batchelor with 8 which is now 2 years running.

Individually, out of the 4 boat winners it was Steve Batchelor who came top on count back with 150 points so winning the £200 first prize, Personal Members trophy, plus taking the Champion of Champions Trophy representing Lymington and Dist SAC. This makes it 2 years running Steve has achieved the double!

Steve fished aboard Ross Burnett’s boat Dawn Venture

Runner up with 105 points and collecting the £100 prize was Richard Day (Warren Boat AC). He also took the runner up trophy for Personal Member and Champion of Champion.

The other 2 boat winners were Ray Barron on 102 points and Ray Ashby on 81 points, both collecting £50.

From 5th down to 15th were called out in turn to select a prize from the prize table.

The fishing proved hard as has been the case from all ports this year compared to previous years but a good day I think was had by all even if the fish did not come to their rod in the required numbers.

Kim Bowden closed the proceedings by thanking all for taking part in the Championship and hope to see them again next year to see if we can stop Steve Batchelor from making it 3 in a row.

Fighting for the Future of your Fishing

1 Steve Batchelor Lymington and District AC Y 150 150 100.00%
2 Richard Day Warren Boat Angling Y 105 105 100.00%
3 Ray Barron Individual Boat Angling Club Y 102 102 100.00%
4 Ray Ashby Christchurch and District SAC Y 81 81 100.00%
5 Alan Johansen Albion SFC Y 102 100 98.04%
6 Perry Dack 81 78 96.30%
7 Cliff Newbold Portsmouth Dockyard Y 105 97 92.38%
8 Gill Thompson Individual Boat Angling Club Y 81 74 91.36%
9 Martin Bobbett 105 95 90.48%
10 Mark Steward Fareham Sea Angling Club Y 81 73 90.12%
11 Marcus Wuest 102 91 89.22%
12 Alan Painter 102 87 85.29%
13 Mike Lelliott 102 86 84.31%
14 Uwe Brown 102 85 83.33%
15 Colin Searles Hamble Angling Club Y 150 123 82.00%
16 Rodney Parker Fareham Sea Angling Club Y 81 61 75.31%
17 Alan Bird 105 79 75.24%
18 Barrie Senior 81 60 74.07%
19 Kim Bowden Eastney Crusing Association Y 105 75 71.43%
20 Dave Oliver 105 75 71.43%
21 Steve Daley Salisbury Anchor Y 81 56 69.14%
22 Dick Prosser Eastney Crusing Association Y 105 70 66.67%
23 Dave Smith 81 50 61.73%
24 Keith Trim Albion SFC Y 150 71 47.33%
25 Steph Baker 150 63 42.00%
26 Derek Smith Lymington and District Y 105 43 40.95%
27 Vernon Allen Poole Dolphins 102 35 34.31%
28 Rod Giles Warren Boat Angling Club Y 150 45 30.00%
29 Tony Sherwood 102 30 29.41%
30 Keith Scaggs 102 28 27.45%
31 Jan Dalziel 150 33 22.00%
32 Peter VanAllen 150 28 18.67%
33 Brian Browning Salisbury Anchor Y 150 26 17.33%
34 Ady Cox Portsmouth Dockyard Y 105 17 16.19%
35 J Masson Gosport and District Angling Club Y 150 8 5.33%
36 Pete Bailey DNF 0 0.00%

Langstone boat champs 2014Conger Martin Bobbett

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Wessex Boat Draw and Rules 2014

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Wessex Boat Draw and Rules 2014

Copy-of-Boat-Draw-2014-1Boat Rules 2014

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Save Weymouth Angling Club from Eviction

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Save Weymouth Angling Club from Eviction Weymouth and Portland Borough Council has served Weymouth Angling Club with a notice to bring to an end the lease on its harbour side clubhouse – so that it can be demolished to make way for a car park.113 year old Weymouth Angling Club is one of the best in the country with over 400 members, including a thriving 70-strong junior section, and has been based on the site for nearly forty years.The Angling Trust has offered to support the club in its battle with the Council and has issued an appeal to all anglers to contact local Weymouth Councillors before a crucial vote at 10am on Monday 21 October.  Details of all Councillors can be found on the Council Web Site HERE.The highest priority councillors are the four representing wards in Weymouth, as well as Ray Banham, the Liberal Democrat Mayor (see below for more details).All the members of the club are furious about the proposals and frightened for the future of their club if the Council decides to demolish their club house to make space for more cars.  They point out that there are plenty of parking spaces available in the nearby Pavilion car park, and there is a park and ride scheme in operation in the town.

Weymouth Angling Club Chairman Billy Short said: “This clubhouse is of vital importance not only to our members, but also to the economy of Weymouth, because angling visits generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in income for the town.  People come from all over the country to fish in and around Weymouth.  To lose it for a few more car parking spaces is tragic, after nearly 40 years of us operating from this site.  We are determined to fight this all the way.”

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “These proposals have sickened anglers throughout the country.  Weymouth is one of the most important ports for sea angling in the whole of the UK, and just last week hosted the Angling Trust’s National Boat Championships.  The Council should be celebrating the fact that it has a thriving community club in the heart of the town providing sustainable and wholesome activity for young people that teaches them about the sea, gets them into the great outdoors and encourages healthy eating.  Instead they want to knock down 40 years of angling heritage and destroy a 113 year old angling club, just to create a few extra car parking spaces.”

The Angling Trust will be attending the meeting to support Weymouth Angling Club.


List of Councillors
Jane Hall, Weymouth East, Conservative
John Birtwistle, Weymouth East, Liberal Democrat
Dominic Lonsdale, Weymouth West, Conservative
Richard Kosior, Weymouth West, Conservative
Colin Huckle, Weymouth West, Labour
Contact them via this web page: as soon as possible before the deadline of 10am on Monday morning, and let them know what you think about the proposals.


Please forward this e-mail to every angler you know by clicking this link: 

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The Angling Trust is the unified representative body that fights to protect fish and fishing on behalf of all anglers, supported by its membership of clubs, fisheries, tackle shops and individuals.  

Membership details at on 01568 620447

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Wessex Picture Gallery

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The Wessex Picture Gallery has been put online to show the various image we have collected from events, competition, venues and record from the A T Wessex Region Marine.

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Boat Jumble

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Boat Jumble Stallholders at Boat Jumbles sell a wide variety of items including – dinghies, sailing dinghies, kayaks, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing tackle, trailer parts, marine electronics,rope, fenders, paint, antifoul, outboard engines, inboard engines, engine parts, marine gearboxes, fibreglass supplies, paint brushes, solar panels, life jackets, wetsuits, gloves, lazy jacks, buoyancy aids, deck shoes, new chandlery, seconhand chandlery, nautical antiques.

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A T Wessex

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Welcome to the A T Wessex website.

The Angling Trust Wessex Region Marine is the most prominent Region within the National Body in terms of Affiliation. Our Region currently comprises of in excess of 50 Angling Clubs with its own Officers and Committee dedicated to promoting Sea Angling within our Area.

The Angling Trust is the Governing Body that represents all coarse, game and sea anglers and angling in England.

Our Mission:

  • Promote angling
  • Campaign for anglers’ rights and the environment
  • Lobby governments and agencies
  • Protect our waterways and marine environment
  • Develop angling as a sport for young and old
  • Organise competitions and events
  • Support angling interests
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